Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Planning and Cooking

Posted by David Bolin

I'm finally making a little progress in the shop. February was tornado clean up month at my folks house. Actually, this is going to be clean up YEAR in Mountain View.

The Montana boys should be pleased to see the shavings in this picture. They're the byproduct of two butt sections that are ready to glue up. Snow is in the forecast again this week, so the tips will probably be ready this weekend.

I was reflecting on the Smith river trip as the curls were piling up. We shared a lot of good food that week. Terre's steaks were great and Kyle's spaghetti was perfect. But the Hyde family fish fry was the peak of the week.

The family was out of town at a baseball game, so I got to thinking about cooking some fish for dinner. Made a run to the store and came back with a NY strip instead. The grocery store seafood in Arkansas isn't really camp quality. We keep the cast iron camp gear set up in the garage and ready to cook. I pan fried the steak along with some potatoes and onions in honor of the Smith river trip. I thought it was a fitting tribute to the food and fellowship last summer. I'm still not sure if there really are any fish in that river. Here's to the Smith!

How many bamboo rods have you made?

What type of finish do you use?

Which rod components do you make?

Do you soak your bamboo?

Which rod geometries do you make?

What kind of glue do you use to glue up rod blanks?

At what temperature do you heat treat (degrees F)?

What kind of ferrules do you use?

How do you apply finish to a rod?

What would you rather be doing?

What are your favorite bamboo rod lengths?

How do you flatten the nodes?

Do you pin ferrules?

Which tapers do you recommend for a first build?

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