Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Alan Kube

Posted by David Bolin

I've noticed several folks visiting the blog searching for Alan Kube. Alan is one of my rod making mentors and an outstanding contemporary rod maker. He doesn't have a web site for his rod making business. He'd rather make rods than tinker with the internet like one of his less dedicated students that wastes way too much time posting mindless run on sentences on a meandering blog.

Alan's rods are based on classic tapers that compliment his preferred fishing style. Alan is a nymph fisherman. But not just any old sowbug and a strike indicator kind of nymph fisherman. We're talking about tiny little critters (22s and 24s) fished ten or twelve feet deep with no indicator. That's a game that's best played with a bamboo rod. Ed Engle talks about nymphing without an indicator in an interview with Zach Matthews. In fact, I think Alan and Ed share the same home water. You can listen to the podcast on-line at this link:

With Alan's permission, I'm posting a link where folks can e-mail him. This isn't his actual address. Can't post that because of evil spam gremlins on the internet. But your note will be redirected to his e-mail account. So here's Alan's info:

Alan Kube
Custom Bamboo Flyrods
Denver, CO

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