Monday, December 08, 2008

Rod Wrapper

Posted by David Bolin


Here are the photos of the rod wrapper that I promised. The wire thing holds the thread perpendicular to the rod. I look down on the rod as I wrap. I want to barely see the straight thread stretched tight below the rod. That's my plumb line. I can see where the wraps are going to lay on the blank by the angle of the thread. It just takes a couple minutes to wrap a guide foot with this setup. Without a plumb line, it might take 10 or 12 minutes. I've experimented with several different wrapping setups and this is the most comfortable for me. It also produces the best results.

I got the idea for the tensioners that hold the thread from Tony Spezio. I can't remember where I got those cup shaped plastic washers. I just remember that it was something Tony told me I could find at the hardware store. Whatever it was, it was cheap, and works great.

Also, notice the rod cradles mounted to clamps. I use four clamps to cradle the rod. You've probably seen much cooler looking wrapping jigs, but this one does everything the high dollar rigs do for a really small investment. Like a dollar a piece for the clamps at the flea market and homemade cradles from scrap plastic. This rod wrapping setup cost less than $10. The vertical height of the cradles is adjustable by about an inch to level up the rod. Horizontal adjustments are unlimited...just move the clamps as needed. Simple is good!

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